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Press conference

Press conference on the project results will be held on April 26 from 14.00 at Estonian Ministry of the Environment (Narva mnt.7a, Tallinn)

Press conference agenda:

• Overview on the project and on the results of fish inventories carried out 2007-2009, by Markus Vetemaa, Estonian Marine Institute

• Seals on offshore shoals – findings from ESTMAR and other projects, Ivar Jüssi, Estonian Fund for Nature

• Results of offshore shoals birds inventories carried out in the frame of ESTMAR project,
Andres Kalamees, Estonian Ornithological Society

• Overview on results of offshore shoals inventories 2007-2009 on sea habitats and sea bottom biota and summary on most valuable offshore shoals, Georg Martin & Tiia Möller, Etonian Marine Institute

• Management plans, international seminars and info materials in ESTMAR project, Merle Kuris, Balti Keskkonnafoorum

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